Wednesday, April 01, 2020
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Conflux fuses loose jazz improvisation with raw heavy metal brutality (plus a keen ear for songcraft) into a sound that is all at once sophisticated and accessible. Transforming the already-lofty genre of Jazz-Metal, the quartet consistently challenges the notion that "art" and "entertainment" are two separate entities, producing songs that are just as groovy as they are cerebral.


"A thrilling romp around a nightclub moshpit"

-Miles Christopher,

"Intense, vibrant and just a little unusual, Spark is well worth checking out"

- Stephen Reid, Sea of Tranquility webzine

"Conflux is a blending of 2 completely different music if Yakuza and Cynic had a threesome with the Chicago blues scene and made an intelligent love child"

- The Asylum Metal Radio, CT

"Outstanding musicianship and finding a way to do instrumental music in an original, entertaining and exciting way means Conflux is a winner, plain and simple."

- Peter Braidis,

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