Tuesday, September 22, 2020
University Clinic

Are you looking for a clinic or a seminar to add to your music school's calendar?  Perhaps something that's a little bit...different?  Look no further than Conflux.  We present an energetic, exciting, and educational experience unlike anything else you've ever seen before.  (Also, that was some snazzy e-alliteration).  We take the established pillars of jazz and classical music, and we fuse them with the modern sensibilities of heavy metal, making feasible the possibility of rock music showing up not only in the pop culture classroom, but also the music theory classroom.  Our clinic can range from one to two hours, and we will cover topics including:

  • Brief histories of jazz and heavy metal to give students a sense of context

  • Methods for finding the essential elements of a genre of music and using them to create new and interesting sounds

  • Advanced examinations of harmony, melody, and rhythm as used in jazz and heavy metal, and explanations of how Conflux finds their overlapping points

  • Study of the dual forces of improvisation and composition, and how to use them each to their maximum effect

  • Big picture analysis of the "why" of music

  • Performances of Conflux songs to illustrate the above points


We promise that you and your students will come away with a new perspective on what rock, pop, and jazz music can be, and you'll be duly entertained in the process.  Help spread the cause of new and creative music, and contact us today.

To inquire about availability, pricing, or any other general questions, shoot us an e-mail at [email protected].

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