Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Steve Florian - Drums

Steven "Metal" Florian was born in the snow-covered forests of Scandinavia under a black moon. Raised by Nordic spirits, Steven learned damnable satanic rituals and hung out with only the coolest, most wicked demons. He won "most evil" in high school, and showed a propensity for hitting things with sticks from an early age. He studied hellish drumming at The Nordic University's School of Pagan Arts and Sciences under the accomplished, world-reknonwed Drumming Trolls of Argaroth. Through his medival and savage drumming, Steven communes with the dark spirits in a diabolical dance of destruction, seeking to descend further and further into the dark abyss of Hell and take his rightful [drum] throne behind and slightly to the right of the almighty Dark Lord(vocals) in his most demonic band. Steven also has a large collection of spikes, swords, and chains, and has copyrighted the Pentagram.



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